Social Studies

Grade 6 – World Cultures and Geography

Teacher: Mr. Nyenhuis

Teaching Materials or Text(s): World Cultures and Geography: Western Hemisphere and Europe, McDougal Little, copyright 2008

Syllabus Highlights: Map and Globe Skills, Reading Graphs and Charts, Earth’s Interlocking Systems, Human Geography, People and Culture.  United States, Canada, Latin America (Mexico, Central America, West Indies, South America), Europe (Western and Eastern), and the United Kingdom.

Grade 7 – World Cultures and Geography

Teacher:  Mr. Rauwerdink/Mr. Kloepping

Teaching Materials or Text(s): Geography: The World and Its People Volume 2 (Glencoe)

Syllabus Highlights: A study of the physical and cultural characteristics of countries in the regions of Russia and the Independent Republics; Southwest Asia and North Africa; Africa South of the Sahara; Asia; and Australia, Oceania, and Antarctica. Connections are made to other subject areas such as Math, Science, History, Literature and Technology.

Grade 8 – US History

Teacher: Mr. Kloepping

Teaching Materials or Text(s): Text: American History – The Early Years to 1877

Syllabus Highlights: The study of American History from the First Americans to and including the 19th Century. Emphasis on Native Americans, Colonial America, Westward Expansion, and the Civil War.