Formula High School

The Wisconsin Formula High School project was created to allow students who are interested in motorsports, engineering, and technology areas a realistic outlet to showcase their skills and talents. Students who are involved in athletic competitions have regular meets or games in which they compete to see how their abilities compare with other schools. Students involved in Formula High School will now have the opportunity to compete against other schools in a controlled racing time-trial event. Each team is responsible for constructing a vehicle to a strict set of guidelines. These guidelines help the students construct a safe vehicle that closely resembles the current SCCA Formula First race vehicle. Although the competition vehicles may appear cosmetically similar, the differences in the drivetrains, alignment, and steering geometry make for spirited competition. Despite the Formula High School event being held at a prominent motorsports facility, the focus of the project is to help the students develop the engineering and technical skills that are vital to our nation’s manufacturers. Take part by enrolling in the Design & Engineering course and speaking with Mr. Poppe