2019 HS Facility Gymnasium

  • Gymnasium and theater spaces have been on our facilities radar since 1998.
  • Last community survey showed strong support for addressing our gym & theater
  • We planned to bring recommendations related to those areas to you in 7 to 8 years
  • Gym needs were on our long-range capital plan, recent moisture damage to the gym floor is prompting us to consider whether now is the time to look at a longer-term solution.
  • Current replacement estimates $500,000 necessary in existing gym
  • 3 station gymnasium provides additional flexibility in our overall academic schedule
  • Current gymnasium space in general is at a premium
  • Previous improvements which have already taken place in this space were designed so they could be used in any new gymnasium construction
  • We believe It is important to view our HS facility needs as a combined project addressing not only the gym but also our theater, cafeteria, secure entries and classroom spaces. We are able to construct a 460+ seat auditorium, a 3 station gymnasium, renovate our cafeteria and add to classroom spaces all for a cost that would be similar to constructing a standalone theater – and all with no local tax levy increase