What Does the School Day Look Like at OMS?

The 2016-17 school year is well underway and with that comes a lot of questions related to schedules and other operating procedures for the school. I know that parents like to know what the school day looks like. This year’s class and lunch times are as follows:

Period Gr 6 Subject   Period Gr 7 Subject   Period Gr. 8 Subject
1 7:25-8:13 Art2/PE1/Lit/Sc 1 7:25-8:13 Math/Lit/Sc 1 7:25-8:13 Soc/Sc/Lit
2 8:16-9:04 Art2/Rd 180-2/PE1/Lit/Sc 2 8:16-9:04 Math/Lit/Sc 2 8:16-9:04 Sc/Lit/Math
3 9:07-9:55 Art2/PE1/Lit/Sc 3 9:07-9:55 Math/Lit/Sc 3 9:07-9:55 Soc/Lit/Math
4 9:58-10:46 ELA/Soc/Math 4 9:58-10:46 Eng/Soc/PE2/HI1.2/Sp1.1 4 9:58-10:46 ELA/Math/PE1/Rd180-2/Art2.1/Sp2.2
10:49-11:23 Lunch 10:49-11:23 STEM/Band2/Choir1 10:49-11:23 Lunch
5 11:24-12:02 STEM/Band1/Choir2/GM2 5 11:24-12:02 Lunch 5 11:24-12:12 Soc/ELA/PE1/HS Sp2
6 12:05-12:53 ELA/Soc/Math/Rd180 6 12:05-12:53 Eng/Soc/PE2/HI1.1/Sp1.2 6 12:15-1:03 Sc/ELA/PE1/Sp2.1/Sp2.2
7 12:56-1:44 ELA/Soc/Math 7 12:56-1:44 Eng/Soc/PE2/HI1.1/Sp1.2 7 1:06-1:44 STEM/Band1/Choir2/GM2
8 1:47-2:07 Intervention/Rd180-1 8 1:47-2:07 Intervention/Rd180-2 8 1:47-2:07 Intervention/Rd180-1/HS Sp1
9 2:09-2:29 Study Hall/Rd180-1 9 2:09-2:29 Study Hall/Rd180-2 9 2:09-2:29 Study Hall/Rd180-1/HS Sp1

As you can see, we do have an intervention time at the end of the day for the entire school.  Students can either be part of a small group intervention in reading, math, or science, or a part of a larger enrichment group.  These larger groups will be working on reinforcement types of activities such as math fluency, typing, cursive, and digital citizenship. Interventions will run for a month and then teachers will reassess to see who needs to enter, exit, or stay in intervention. Much like intervention, the whole school has study hall the last 20 minutes of the school day.

Along with study hall during the school day, we also offer a before and after school study hall.  Mrs. Dolfin is in the library on Monday and Wednesday’s from 7-7:20 AM and Mrs. Kimble and Mrs. Dolfin are in the library after school on Tuesday’s and Thursdays from 2:30-3 PM. Students are encouraged to take advantage of these extra opportunities to complete their homework while at school. Late bus passes can be provided for students that take advantage of the opportunity to stay after school for help with a specific teacher or after school study hall.

It’s been exciting to have the students back in the hallways at OMS! We are well on our way to having a wonderful year of learning and growing together.

Sherri Stengel