We’ve Got our Eyes on the Future!

As a district, we have a goal of college and career readiness for all students. As a district staff, vertical teams of K-12 teachers meet regularly to ensure we are all building upon the work of the grade(s) before us and preparing students for the grade(s) after us to achieve this goal in all areas. Our work at OMS is clearly focused around making sure students continue to learn and grow around this shared mission. In recent weeks, we have put a strong emphasis on careers and transition planning so students and parents can clearly see the “why” behind the importance of education and meeting future goals for high school and beyond. Ms. Kimble in our school counseling department has taken a lead role in creating these opportunities for students.

Last month, OMS hosted a Career Fair for all students. The morning of April 11 was filled with speakers/presenters from over 25 different careers. Parents, community members, and other area businesses donated their time and talent to talk to interested students about their career, what they did to get to that career, and other details surrounding the career path. Careers included, but certainly weren’t limited to, childcare, police/corrections, nursing, sales, engineering, hospitality, agriculture/farming, project manager, and electrician. Students enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about potential areas of interest to them and explore areas that they may not have thought about before. A huge thank you to all of the volunteers who made this opportunity available to our students on this day!

Last week, 5th grade students from OES spent a couple hours at OMS learning more about middle school to ease their transition here in the Fall. They spent time learning how to unlock a combination lock (the single biggest fear of coming to middle school!), met their teachers, learned the layout of the middle school and where different classes and other areas of interest where located, and had the opportunity to ask questions related to life at the middle school. In addition to this day for students, Ms. Kimble and Mrs. Holzer are hosting a night for parents of current 5th graders and their children to further familiarize them to OMS and make the milestone move as seamless as possible. This will take place on June 1st.

Speaking of transitions, each 8th grade student and his/her parent(s) have had/or will have a meeting with Ms. Kimble. These meetings are meant to discuss results to Career Cruising, develop a four year plan as students enter high school so they take courses that will help them with their college and career goals, and answer any questions related to students’ transition from OMS to OHS. Similar to the fifth grade transition, high school students and teachers from OHS have a question and answer time for current 8th grade students. A tour of the high school is also a part of the transition process.

Although we certainly don’t want to wish childhoods away, we do think it crucial to keep future goals and aspirations at the forefront of all students (and parents). Having this mindset gives purpose to our work today. Thank you for working alongside us to make education meaningful and purposeful to achieve our goals today and in the future!

Upcoming dates to be aware of:

  • June 1 – 6th & 7th Science Fair in Cedar Grove
  • June 1 – 5th Grade Transition Night
  • June 2 – 7th grade field trip to EAA
  • June 5 – Read 180 field trip to Chinooks game
  • June 6 – 8th grade field trip to Six Flags Great America
  • June 7 – 6th grade field trip to Green Bay
  • June 7 –  8th grade promotion ceremony @ 6 p.m
  • June 8 – Last day of School