Thank You School Counselors!

February 4-8 is National School Counseling Week where we celebrate the unique contributions that school counselors have on our school and district wide goals. Bringing public attention to their impact on student success is important to me. This week, my blog will focus on how our very own school counselor, Keri Lauritsen, brings value to OMS and the students, families, and staff she serves.

How are students different because of the work that Mrs. Lauritsen does? I randomly asked a small group of 8th grade students how Mrs. Lauritsen helps them. Answers included, “She helps me through my problems,” “She studies with us after school, ” “She is in a book club with me,” “She helps us figure out what classes to take in high school,” and “She gets me information on the military because the program doesn’t have much on it.”
“School counselors work with all students to remove barriers to learning by addressing students’ academic concerns, career awareness in post-secondary options and social/emotional skills,” said Kwok-Sze Wong, Ed.D., ASCA executive director. As you can tell from student responses, this is exactly what Mrs. Lauritsen does at OMS.

Thank you Mrs. Lauritsen for your time, attention to detail, and concern for the success and well-being of all students. You are an integral piece in helping OMS achieve our mission of all students learning at high levels. Your work both directly and indirectly increases student achievement. Furthermore, your work with career planning and serving as a liaison to much-needed resources for students, parent, teachers, and administrators is much appreciated. Thank you for all you do this week and every week!

If you happen to see Mrs. Lauritsen this week or any time, be sure to thank her too!

Thanks for reading,

Sherri Stengel