Exciting News at OMS!

Student learning is our primary
goal at OMS.  With this in mind, we recently had some decisions to make
regarding technology.  Many of our desktop computers are becoming less and
less reliable due to their age.  There were several teachers district wide
that piloted different devices this school year so we could figure out which
devices were the most economical, yet met our goals related to technology and
student learning.  Rather than using our technology budget on desktop
computers that are more costly and restrict ease of access for students and
teachers, we have decided to get Chromebooks instead.  Therefore, I’m happy to announce
that OMS will be getting enough Chromebooks so each student will have their own device while
at school!
A lot of thought has gone into
this decision and there are several factors that prompted us to move in this
direction.  Some of the main ones include:

Collaboration and Formative Feedback: Having a device for each student will allow for real time
collaboration and feedback between students, between students and staff, and
beyond the walls of the school.  Being in a digital platform that is
controlled and filtered opens up opportunities for students to receive
formative feedback that research shows increases student learning.

Accessibility of Resources and
Efficiency of Time:
We are redirecting
our resources from lab based resources (competing schedules, bringing students
to spaces) to “just in time learning” where devices are readily available
if/when needed.

Understanding Digital Citizenship and
 By increasing
accessibility to devices, it is our goal that students also learn
responsibility related to the use of the device, including an understanding of
digital footprints and other topics related to digital citizenship.

I feel this is a wonderful
opportunity for the students and staff at OMS.  By reallocating resources
from hardwired devices to mobile devices, we open up our options for the type
of learning that can happen in the classroom.  Teachers will be able to
enhance and supplement their instruction in ways that they haven’t been able to
before.  All this can happen with the same filters and security that have
always been in place for the students. 
Further details about the roll out
of the Chromebooks will be forthcoming in a letter that will go home to all
parents at the end of this week.  In the meantime, if you have any
questions pertaining to this exciting news, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Sherri Stengel