Spreading Cheer

As yet another week is coming to an end faster than my brain can process, there are signs of joy and cheer all around.  OMS’ Student Council, led by Keri Kimble, has been a prime example of spreading cheer this week. They volunteered their time ringing bells at the Piggly Wiggly in support of the Salvation Army, graciously worked at our Book Fair before school, during lunch, and after school, and planned and prepared for a celebration of dance and dodge ball tonight after school! These students are learning the importance of serving others without an expectation of anything in return (other than that great feeling you get inside when you do something kind for someone else). This was also shown throughout the entire student body through their contribution to our food and toy drives. What a fine bunch of students they are!

As I look out my office window and watch the excitement of the students as their two hours of dance, dodgeball, and socializing with friends begins, I am reminded about the little things, often those that cost the least, that bring the most joy to those around us.  Students are talking about their ugly Christmas gear that they are sporting for the afternoon.  Others are around the fringes of the dance floor, hoping that someone will be the first brave soul to break the ice and begin dancing.  Yet others want nothing to do with the dance, but are enjoying precious time with friends in the Youth Center or burning off some energy running around the gym.  These little things are where middle school memories are made.  How many of you remember your middle school dances?  I sure do!

In an earlier blog of mine, and those of other administrators, we promoted the Chili’s Give Back Fundraiser.  Thank you to those of you that spread cheer to the Oostburg Community Education Foundation (OCEF) through dining at Chili’s and mentioning the OCEF.  Through this fundraiser, faculty, parents, and community members earned OCEF a total of $591!  This money will directly benefit the schools in Oostburg.  OCEF plans on working with Chili’s in the Spring to run the fundraiser again. Stay tuned!

Finally, the staff at OMS made a monetary donation that will go directly to a family in need in exchange for wearing jeans and ugly Christmas sweaters today.  Another small example of spreading cheer.

The entire OMS staff and I wish you and yours a very joyous Christmas and holiday season.

Sherri Stengel

Merry Christmas! Ms. Vandoske and Mrs. DeJong –sorry we can’t see your beautiful faces!