Special Thanks

Smarter Balanced Assessment Update

As we approach Spring Break, we would like to take some time to acknowledged and thank the 6th and 7th grade students for their efforts this week while participating in the SBA. This assessment is a Pilot and students were aware that they wouldn’t see the results…another words, “it didn’t count”! Yet, to the credit of our community each and every student worked their tails off. This was not a timed test, and many students came back during their study halls and intervention period to complete the test.  The work ethic and attitudes were far above the norm for early teens. 

Part of me is surprised, yet time and again our students respond to our request. Another example of this has been occurring since Christmas Break.  We noticed a very high percentage of the students were using the handicapped doors when they arrive or leave school.  These doors stay open longer and we could feel the cold air rush in.  I made a simple announcement to please not use the doors unless you have special circumstances. We have observed that the doors rarely get used now and students have been monitoring and self correcting each other. 

These two examples are not just compliance, but truly good citizenship and we would also like to extend this thank you to the parents and relatives of our students. 

Thanks from OMS Staff

Steve Harder, Principal
ext 2100