Snow Make-up Day

Quick Reminder

Upcoming Events
May 6th
           Band Concert (Mon)
May 7th            Kohler STEM Project 
May 7-10th       MAP Testing
May 13th
         Choir Concert (Mon)
May 14th          5th Grade
Transition Day (Tues)
May 14-16th     AIMS Testing
May 24th         
8th grade to IMAX/Milw Court House (Fri)
May  30th
        O2C Science Fair (Thurs)
June 7th
          7th grade to
Maywood (Fri)
June 7th
          8th grade to
Great America (Fri)
June 10th        
Middle School Recognition Night
June 11th         Last
Student Day
June 12th         Snow
Make Up Day for Staff