Schedule, lunch times, and homework….

Happy Homecoming Friday!

What an exciting week it has been at OMS.  Students and staff have managed to get creative in their dress to show their school spirit and make homecoming week fun and memorable.  Despite the fun, we’ve continued to push forward in our learning though too!

Since student schedules only had periods on them (without actual times) and didn’t include lunch, I thought it would be good to post this for families.  This information can be helpful when planning for absences due to student appointments that can’t be avoided during the school day.  Schedules by grade level are as follows:

6th Grade
Period 1: 7:25-8:10 (Band/Choir/Study Hall)
Period 2: 8:13-9:05
Period 3: 9:08-10:00
Period 4: 10:03-10:55
Period 5: 10:58-11:40 (Hi Interest/Intervention)
Lunch: 11:40-12:15
Period 6: 12:15-12:57
Period 7: 1:00-1:42
Period 8: 1:45-2:30

7th Grade
Period 1: 7:25-8:07
Period 2: 8:10-8:52
Period 3: 8:55-9:37
Period 4: 9:40-10:20 (Hi Interest/Intervention)
Lunch: 10:20-10:47
Period 5: 10:50-11:27 (Band/Choir/Study Hall)
Period 6: 11:30-12:27
Period 7: 12:30-1:27
Period 8: 1:30-2:30

8th Grade
Period 1: 7:25-8:27
Period 2: 8:30-9:27
Period 3: 9:30-10:30
Lunch: 10:30-10:57
Period 4: 11:00-11:37 (Band/Choir/Study Hall)
Period 5: 11:40-12:20 (Hi Interest/Intervention)
Period 6: 12:23-1:05
Period 7: 1:07-1:49
Period 8: 1:51-2:30

The middle school years bring about increased independence and responsibility for your child.  In order to help them with this, there are actions you can take as parents to guide your child toward these two desired traits.  You can help us by checking your child’s planner regularly to ensure that your child is completing their work in a timely and accurate fashion.  Establishing a homework routine that involves a quiet space, a study location (having all homework supplies in one place), and a similar time for homework completion can also help.  If your child tells you that they don’t have any work, remind them that they should be reading every night!

Enjoy the weekend….Go Dutchmen!!!

Mrs. Stengel