Rockets and so Much More

As we round the last bend of the school year, it’s crazy to think of everything yet to do before we clear the halls of OMS for one last time for the 14-15 school year.  Along with the wonderful performance put on by the OMS Choir and Band earlier this week, students in 8th grade ended their rocket unit by going outside and launching them.  Below are just a couple of pictures of this event. Students had fun predicting whose would go the highest, whose would not, whose would end up on the school roof, and any other possibility you can think of.  There was a wind in the air this day, so some rockets drifted quite a distance as they made their way via parachute to the ground below. Sorry to any nearby neighbors that may have had rocket debris land in your yard!

2nd rockets

 Mr. Bretall’s 2nd Grade class watching the 8th graders shoot their rockets.  Watching in anticipation to see which one will go the highest. They can’t wait until they can make their own rockets too when they are 8th graders!






8th rocketsHalle, Isabel, & Ashley showing off their rockets and having fun at the same time. 







3-2-1 Blast Off! Jacob, Travis, Lizzy, and Molly giving their rockets a trial run as their classmates wait in anticipation. They must have done everything right putting them together as they all worked!

Finally, we have several field trips and other important dates that are fast approaching.  These include:Along with the concert and rocket launching, the 5th graders joined OMS for a couple hours to meet the staff, learn about different parts of their school day, eat lunch, and enjoy recess in the gym and Youth Center.  It was so fun to see the excitement, combined with a bit of reservation, in their eyes walking into the doors of OMS.  It was wonderful having them join us for this short time.  Hopefully this eased any nervousness that they may have about taking the leap to OMS next school year.  We can’t wait to have them join us for the 15-16 school year!

May 22: Career Day at OMS

May 27: 6th Grade Field Trip to Discovery World

June 5: 7th Grade Field Trip (afternoon only) to Maywood

June 9/10: 5th Grade Transition Nights for Parents/Students at OMS

June 10: 8th Grade Field Trip to Great America

June 11: 6th Grade Field Trip to Packer Hall of Fame

8th Grade Promotion Night (5 pm pictures/6 pm Ceremony begins)

8th Graders Last Day of Middle School

June 12: 6th and 7th Graders Last Day of School

Enjoy the weekend!

Sherri Stengel