Quarter 3 Report Cards Available in Infinite Campus

Report cards will go live in the Infinite Campus (IC) Parent Portal at 4 pm today. If you haven’t already, please review your child’s progress thus far this school year. Please contact teachers directly if you have any questions. Directions on how to access the report card once in IC can be found here.  If you have not logged into IC yet as a parent, please find directions on how to set up an account here.

Report cards are one means of communicating your child’s strengths and needs in their learning.  Please take the opportunity to ask your child questions about their learning through the lens of the report card.  As a school, we are much more concerned about learning, and less concerned about a grade.  Therefore, use the report card as a spring board to find out what your child is learning about in each of their classes, what they are doing well, and set goals for them on areas for improvement. Continuous improvement, a love of learning, and effort are values that will help your child today and forever in whatever career they choose.