Persistence and Hard Work Pays Off

I’d be remiss if I didn’t put a shout out to our Presidential Award winners from the 2016-17 school year. Certain criteria need to be met in order for students to receive these awards. At the heart of them are persistence and hard work, not just for a semester or a year, but the duration of their middle school careers.

This year’s recipients of the President’s Award for Educational Excellence demonstrated superior academic success in the classroom. More specifically, they had a cumulative grade point average or its equivalent of 3.5 or above from the beginning of 6th grade through the first semester of 8th grade, and demonstrated high achievement, the equivalent of the 80th percentile or better, on state tests in reading and/or math. This year’s recipients of the President’s Award for Educational Excellence were:


  • Sabryn Bley
  • Emily DeMaster
  • Kelsie Dulmes
  • Levi Dulmes
  • Emily Eernisse
  • Caleb Krueger
  • Payton Navis
  • Andrea Pedroza
  • MacKenzie Ramirez
  • Kyle Schinner
  • Viktor Schwarz
  • Abigail Scott
  • Justin Spindler
  • Ella Stader
  • Ella TenPas
  • Kyla VanEss
  • Rebecca Wieskamp
  • Grace Yeadon

This year’s recipients of the President’s Award for Educational Achievement either demonstrated outstanding educational growth or a commitment to intellectual development in their academic subjects. This award is meant to encourage and reward students who work hard and give their best effort in school. As a principal, it is a privilege to recognize these students for their hard work and success.  This year’s recipients for the President’s Award for Educational Achievement were:

  • Logan Brock
  • Trent Brumirski
  • Anna Hoffman
  • Camryn Lund
  • Renee Rauwerdink
  • Gracie Reese
  • Jacob Richards
  • Abram Swart
  • Patience Theune
  • Madison VanTatenhove
  • Owen Wilson

Each student received a certificate and a letter from President Trump. President Trump said it best in this letter when he wrote, “Education is a lifelong pursuit, and offers countless rewards for those who strive for knowledge and work hard to achieve success. By setting high standards for yourself, by making the most of your educational opportunities, and by diligently working to reach your goals, you are well on your way toward realizing those rewards.” Congratulations to all of the above for working hard and setting themselves up for success in high school. Best of luck to the entire 8th grade class of 2017 and future graduating class of 2021!

Mrs. Stengel