Parent Letter – Summer Reading Program

     In an effort to eliminate the gap of
achievement between readers in our middle school classes, we are asking that
students continue their reading experiences throughout the summer months.
     Studies have proven that students learn at
very close to the same rate during the school year.  The gap that exists between readers most
often occurs in the summer months when achieving
continue to read, while struggling
discontinue the practice of reading in the non-school summer time
period.  A potential four-month gap
occurs with readers gaining one month of ability and non-readers losing three
months of ability during this time.
     Your child has been identified as a
student of need in the area of reading. 
The middle school staff and administration will require these students
to check out five (5) books of their choice from the OMS library as material to
assist in keeping their reading abilities at their current levels.  As a staff, we are asking that you as parents
promote the reading of these books during the summer months. No daily logs need
to be kept, and no comprehension questions, quizzes or tests will be given upon
return. We simply want your child to have the best chance available to them
next school year, and we believe that an enhanced reading ability will give
them that best chance.                                                                                                                                                                                                  
     Below are listed suggested titles from the
grade level Literature/Language Arts teachers. There are many more available,
obviously, but these are the titles that have been very popular with students
this past year.
If you have questions please
feel free to contact any of us listed below. 
Suggested Website: (James Patterson’s site) (Jon Scieszka’s site)
Jane Subat, Barry Kloepping
– 8th Gr      
Jack Rauwerdink – 7th
Jennie Wynveen, Brian
Nyenhuis – 6th Gr
Nancy DeJong, Sarah
Heidemann – Read 180