Clothing should reflect modesty and
pride (a business-like environment). Any
fashion that presents a health or safety problem, causes a disturbance or
distraction, or does not provide adequate body coverage will not be permitted.  Personal expression is allowed within the
general guidelines listed below. It is the student’s responsibility to dress
appropriately for school.
 Student clothing must adhere to the following
guidelines or a change of clothing will
be required:
·   Heads are to remain uncovered when students are
inside the school building. Hats, visors, bandannas, and hoods are not to be
worn in school. The hats, visors, and bandannas are subject to confiscation.
Backpacks and
bags are to be stored in lockers with the exception of carrying gym
clothes to and from gym.
No sunglasses are to be worn in school.
·   Clothing and accessories, backpacks, jewelry,
notebooks, etc. must be free of profanity, obscenity, drug related (alcohol,
tobacco, or illegal substances) slogans, gang related slogans, vulgarity,
sexually suggestive sayings, and anything racially, ethnically, or religiously
·     Bottoms (pants, skirts, shorts, etc.) and tops
(shirts, blouses, etc.) must overlap at ALL times. Pants and tops must provide
adequate covering. Sagging pants and clothing with rips that reveal
undergarments of any kind will not be tolerated. No undergarments may be
exposed or visible.
·  Inappropriate attire includes, but is not
limited to: tube tops, halter tops, muscle shirts (sleeveless undershirts),
pajama bottoms, cut-off shorts, pants, or shirts, and tops with spaghetti
straps, unless appropriately covered. No see-through apparel. Pajamas and
slippers are prohibited.
·   Excessively short
shorts are prohibited. Shorts and skirts need to be of sufficient length to
allow the student to participate in normal school activities without creating a
disruption or causing self-consciousness due to the revealing nature of the garments.
·   Jackets/coats may not be worn in class unless
authorized by teacher based on heating problems.
·  Footwear that is conducive to both indoor and
outdoor use must be worn at all times. Roller blades and roller shoes are not to
be worn in school.

All questionable items are at the teacher’s and principal’s discretion according to
Board Policy.