March Madness at OMS

As March Madness is in full effect in the basketball world and the Badgers once again prepare to play for a spot in the Elite Eight, OMS is experiencing its own version of March Madness. March Madness at OMS means students working hard to end third quarter strong so they can spend Spring Break having fun with family and friends.

In Mr. Rings 7th grade science classes, they just culminated a unit on force and friction. They culminated the unit by designing CO2 cars; using what they learned while abiding by certain specifications. It was fun to see students fully engaged from the design/drawing phase of the project, to building the car, to the final weigh in and check for abiding by other specification limits, and finally, racing their cars against their classmates. Cars, brackets for the races, and actual race day pictures are below.

A special thank you to OCEF for funding the purchase of the electrical racing unit through their education grants!

Another hands on, highly engaging, learning activity that 8th grade students participated in this week was a Breakout EDU on the book “The BFG”.  Eighth grade students in Mrs. Vandoske-Buzaitis’ literature classes worked collaboratively to solve a series of critical thinking puzzles in order to open a locked box. They had to work within a time crunch, utilizing clues from quotes from the book and other related items to figure out the combinations to a variety of locks. Again, this learning task involved a great amount of brain power and team work to unlock the box.  Student engagement in the task and ability to endure despite multiple failed attempts was so fun to observe! Thank you for the collaborative efforts of Mrs. Vandoske-Buzaitis and Mrs. Wray to give the students this experience.

I’m wishing everyone a wonderful Spring Break next week. My hope is that students and staff return re-energized and focused to finish out the 4th quarter of the 16-17 school year. There’s a lot to accomplish yet in terms of student learning.

Go Badgers!

-Mrs. Stengel





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March Madness at OMS

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March Madness at OMS


March Madness at OMS