Learner Responsibilities in Infinite Campus

Good Afternoon and Happy Election Day!

Some of you that check Infinite Campus regularly may have noticed marks such as C, P, and/or N recently added for your student under “Learner Responsibilities” related to Collaboration, Effort, and Respect. Your child’s behavior in these areas can receive the following marks:
C=Consistently (Your child consistently demonstrates the behavior.)
P=Progressing/Developing (Your child is progressing on the behavior but is not always consistently demonstrating it.)
N=Needs Attention (Your child’s behavior in this area needs improvement or attention.)

Sorry for any confusion these marks recently added for quarter 1 progress reports may have caused you. A rubric explaining these marks will be printed right on your child’s report card as well.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions.

Sherri Stengel