It Could Never Happen Here

As a parent of 3 children of my own and the Principal of many, I am like most of you and would like to believe that things like sexting and human trafficking won’t happen to my own children or my school children. However, given the statistics on these topics and our youth, it would be naive to believe that it isn’t happening in our County or even in our school. I pray that it won’t happen to “our” youth, but it might. Prevention on these topics is necessary.

Beth Heilman, a Prevention Education Specialist from Safe Harbor, and Joel Urmanski, Sheboygan County’s District Attorney, are coming to Oostburg to present to all *6th, 7th, and 8th grade students this Monday, December 18th, 2017.  Both Ms. Heilman and Mr. Urmanski have teamed together to talk to students at schools throughout the County about topics such as healthy relationships, sexting, sexual assaults and human trafficking.  While very sensitive and personal subjects, school prevention programs are presented  in an age-appropriate manner and are designed to raise awareness. Students also learn about resources, risk reduction strategies and bystander intervention.

On December 18 in the OHS Auditorium, Ms. Heilman and Mr. Urmanski will be speaking to all 7th and 8th grade students about the topics of sexting and trafficking at  12:30 pm, and to all 6th grade students about healthy relationships and sexting at 1:30 pm. All parents and any community members are invited to join us during one or both of these presentations. Please check in at the OHS office prior to coming to the auditorium.  Parents, your child will be bringing home a letter explaining this as well on Friday, December 15, 2017.

I’ve included two links about talking to your children about sexting and a prior Sheboygan Press article about human trafficking in the state of Wisconsin. Please visit and to learn more.

Any questions pertaining to the presentations can be directed to Ms. Keri Kimble, the OMS School Counselor, at 920-564-2383 or

Thank you,

Sherri Stengel

 *Please note that my original post indicated the 5th grade was going to be a part of the 6th grade presentation. That was incorrect. Only 6th grade will be attending.