OMS Intervention Update

In an attempt to supplement our core instruction in Math, Science and Language Arts we implemented an Intervention Period 2 years ago.
Our Math teachers have done a really nice job of identifying areas of need, organizing learning groups, and utilizing instructional strategies to close the gap on student achievement. The 6th grade has three different groups based on needs working with Mrs. Holmer, Mr. Veldhorst, and Mrs. Wynveen. In 7th and 8th grade Ms. Gardon has divided each grade level into two groups and meets with these students opposite of PE or Band/Choir. Below is a graph of 7th grade progress from Ms. Gardon’s students.

Green is where we want all of our students…we believe this trend will continue.

A quick interpretation of the chart:

  • The first triangle displays where our 7th grade students tested in the fall. Typically the percentage is in the 35-50% range with our end year goal of 80%. 
  • The second triangle shows the gains of our Tier 1 (Core instruction). We continue to progress monitor the yellow and red groups and make modifications to our small group instruction. We will have a final AIMS assessment in Spring.