Intervention Letters Forthcoming

Good Afternoon,

In an effort to increase communication with parents around our intervention efforts at OMS, students that were selected for small group intervention will be bringing a letter home explaining this. Important points to remember related to intervention include:
1. Intervention runs on a Day 1/Day 2 schedule. Therefore, if a student needs intervention in more than one area, they may be bringing home two different letters. One for intervention on day 1’s and the other for intervention on day 2’s.
2. Intervention runs from 1:47-2:07 each day. Students that are not in small group intervention are in a larger group setting working on skills that are important, yet don’t always get the focus they deserve due to time in the school day. Examples include math fluency with basic math facts, cursive signatures, digital citizenship, creative thinking, and typing.
3. Students will remain in intervention until they acquire the skills necessary for success in their grade level classes. Students will be bringing a certificate home when they exit an intervention and whether or not they will be moving into a different intervention in a new area.

Since the entire school has intervention at the same time, teachers that have intervention may have students in their group from all three grade levels. This is an attempt to be able to offer as many different areas of intervention as possible, and maximize our resources. We are excited about the opportunity to enhance our intervention time to better meet the needs of students. We hope that both students and parents also see this time of our school day as an opportunity to learn skills necessary for success in their every day classes.

Please don’t hesitate to talk with your child’s teacher or me if you have questions about how this time of our school day functions.


Sherri Stengel