Important OMS Updates Regarding School Safety-Entry, Exit and Youth Center Times

Greetings OMS Families,

I hope that this letter finds you refreshed from a summer filled with some fun and relaxation and that you are ready for the beginning of a new school year!
As a follow up to Mr. Bruggink’s communication that went out district wide earlier this week around safety, I wanted to follow up with what some of that means specifically for OMS.
Due to new requirements related to locking and monitoring doors, all doors will be locked at OMS until 7:05 am. At this time, the front doors will be open for students to enter the building.  Students should not be arriving before this time unless they have a meeting or practice scheduled with a teacher or coach.  Students arriving before this time need to use the west high school parking lot door which will be monitored for students, parents and other visitors that are entering our building before school hours. Again, for the safety of our school, the only time students should be arriving before 7:05 am is when they have a prearranged obligation to meet before school starts.
Similarly, unless in the Youth Center, with a teacher, or attending a practice or other school related event, all students should leave the building by 2:45 pm. In the past we’ve had students wondering hallways and hanging out in the school long after the school day has ended.
Along with a new face leading the Youth Center, we have slightly adjusted hours as well. Kevin Veldhorst has retired from running the Youth Center and Brenda Weavers will now be the new face spending time with students after school. All students are welcome to use the Youth Center to hang out with friends, do homework, or simply relax and have a snack. The Youth Center will be open Monday through Thursdays (excluding early release Wednesdays) from 2:30-3:30 pm.
As in previous years, we ask parents to refrain from entering the circle drive in front of school before and after school when picking up and dropping off their children. Please drop off and pick up on New York Avenue. This allows buses to come and go safely and efficiently.
I’m looking forward to a great 18-19 school year as we become more intentional than ever about student safety!
Sherri Stengel