Grading for Learning

Dear Parents/Guardians,

It’s hard to believe that the end first quarter is just a short few weeks away! Although this letter is identical to an insert your child brought home in their planner earlier in the year, we wanted to make sure you had another opportunity to view the same information in case you have any questions.

At OMS, our vision is learning together in a respectful, positive, student-focused learning environment where essential standards are achieved by all students. In line with this vision, we have some important upgrades on how we report student progress on report cards and honor them for a job well done. Our way of reporting progress will be through a 4-point scale on a variety of essential standards in each class. Behavior will be reported out separately. Our goal is to be able to communicate through the report card individual student strengths and opportunities for growth.

Reporting categories are as follows:
4.0 = Advanced: Superior mastery of grade level standard
3.5 = High Proficient: Progressing toward advanced mastery of grade level standard
3.0 = Proficient: Meets grade level standard
2.5 = Low Proficient: Inconsistent understanding of grade level standard
2.0 = Basic = Limited understanding of grade level standard
1.5 = Beginning: Little to no understanding of grade level standard
1.0 = No Evidence/Insufficient evidence to determine understanding of grade level standard

Student strengths and what we value at OMS go far beyond traditional ways of only honoring students for good grades. Students at OMS will be honored quarterly through school and the Lakeshore Weekly for a variety of achievements and behaviors.

Thank you for partnering with us in your child’s education! We are off to a great start to the 18-19 school year.


Mrs. Stengel