Got Music?

Have you heard the about the changes in the choral and instrumental music programs at OMS this year? Students are in full learning mode, but both programs have encountered some leadership changes this school year. Formal OMS and OHS choral director, Jenna Howell, will be the OHS choral director only. Siera Ramirez has been hired to fill the part time OMS choral teacher opening. Ms. Ramirez works every other day and leads our 6th, 7th, and 8th grade choirs. She has experience as a vocal and piano teacher, and leads a choir at a church in Fond du Lac. Both OMS choir students and Ms. Ramirez are settling in and are working hard to perform the National Anthem at a couple of upcoming Lakeland University events. Their first event is in just one week on Friday, October 13. Hopefully they rise above the superstition of bad luck on these days and knock their performance out of the park!

The other music change comes in our instrumental music department. Rebekah Mueller, who was the 6th grade and OHS band director, accepted a position elsewhere. Until the first of the new year when Mr. Keaton Gallezio is able to join us as the new 6th grade and OHS band director, Jill Hanes has graciously taken on the role of leading the 6th grade band (in addition to 7th and 8th grade bands that she already leads). Although Mrs. Mueller served the district for several years and her dedication to the students, district, and community will be greatly missed, I want to reassure parents that band students are in good hands with Mrs. Hanes currently. We look forward to Mr. Gallezio joining us in 2018!

I’m optimistic that all of these changes will result in little disruption to our music programs at OMS and they will continue to uphold their reputation for having a strong program. Please call or email if you have any questions related to these changes.

Thank you and have a great weekend!