Going Strong

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It may be just nine short school days until the official end of the 2015-16 school year, but teachers and students at OMS are going strong.  There is too much learning yet to take place, so we are maximizing the time we have left to keep students engaged and on-task.  Students have been working tremendously hard on end of the year assessments so we can look at the data to see if students met the specific learning objectives we set for them this school year.  It is a time to reflect on the progress both students and teachers have made in their learning.  Staff are collaborating around and reflecting on what instructional strategies yielded the greatest impact on student learning and which ones didn’t have the impact we’d desired. We are learning from one another.  Student and staff learning parallel each other.

Both in and out of the classroom, a lot happened at OMS this past week.  The week started out with our second annual 5th grade transition night at OMS. I want to thank both Keri Kimble and Ashley Holzer for the work they did with the students to prepare them to lead their parents through a night of information to prepare them for their transition to middle school. I enjoyed the opportunity to meet and mingle with parents and students, answer questions, and ease any fears they may have. Later in the week, 8th grade students, under the direction of Mr. Brill, had the opportunity to fire off the rockets they built in science class.  Furthermore, 7th grade science students had a science fair last night where they showed off the results of going through the scientific method on a problem or question of their choice.  Mr. Ring’s 7th graders tested out various hypotheses that ranged from effects of music on concentration to electrical food to how color affects memory. The night culminated with our last OMS dance of the school year.  Incoming 6th grade students were also invited. The event was well attended. Students left hot, sweaty, and all sugared up for Memorial Day weekend. Lots of fun was had by all!

Along with a continuation of learning in classrooms these last nine days of the school year, other important events are:

  • Speaker on “Trafficking in Sheboygan County” from 6-8 pm in OHS Auditorium-June 1
  • 6th grade field trip to Green Bay-June 6
  • Read 180 field trip to Milwaukee Art Museum-June 7
  • 8th grade fieldtrip to Great America-June 8
  • 8th grade promotion ceremony at 6 pm-June 9
  • Last day of school for students-June 10

Along with OMS staff, I encourage parents to continue to send the message to their children that school isn’t over…..yet. We are looking forward to having a productive remainder of the 2015-16 school year.  Have a safe and most enjoyable Memorial Day weekend!

Sherri Stengel

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