Friday is here and Fall is in the air!

We recently finished our Fall assessments with OMS students to obtain baseline information to help guide our instruction with them this school year.  We currently administer both Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) and Aimsweb screeners to students in grades 6-8. We will assess using these same measures again in the Winter and Spring of the year.  Both measures assess student achievement in reading and math, but the information they tell us is a bit different.  

MAP is a computer based assessment that takes about an hour per test and is used to measure
each student’s academic growth throughout the year and from one year to the
next. It is a comprehensive test that gives a breakdown of reading and math into subcategories.      Along with an overall reading score, reading skills related to foundations/vocabulary, informational text, and literature are measured.  In the area of math, algebra/functions, geometry, real and complex number systems, and
statistics and probability are measured.

AimsWeb, on the other hand, is a universal screener. It assesses students reading fluency (both accuracy and words read per minute), cloze comprehension, math computation, and math reasoning skills.  They are short and give a “pulse” of how a student is doing in these areas.  These measures are sensitive to small increments of improvement and are given to all students in the Fall, Winter, and Spring.  However, we also use AIMSweb to monitor individual student progress more frequently throughout the year (if necessary) to help us guide our intervention efforts.

Watch your child’s backpack for their results related to these two assessments next week Friday (10/10/14).

When students are struggling in a particular subject at OMS, we offer an intervention period during their school day for extra instruction and support.  Interventions run in tandem with high interest classes.  Therefore, if a student is needed for intervention, they do not attend a high interest class. Interventions are based on student need and thus, are fluid.  Students may be in intervention with a particular teacher(s) for a week, up to a semester or more.  If you have any questions related to intervention at OMS, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or me!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Sherri Stengel