A Focus on Growth

The end of the semester is creeping up on us and with that brings mid-year assessments and reflection surrounding staff and student growth. Growth is a quality that is highly valued at OMS. Growth can be measured in a variety of ways.  Along with continuous feedback and curriculum based assessment, students recently took mid-year MAP math and reading assessments.  These results are used by the students and staff to gauge how students are progressing toward end of the year goals that they have established.  In other words, staff use the results to figure out whether or not their instruction is effective, and how to proceed based on the results. Students use the results to see if they are learning and growing as expected. Plans are set in place for how to intervene for those students not meeting expected growth or for those that are making expected growth, but still are far behind benchmark.  Results will be coming home with report cards at the end of the quarter so you can have a conversation with your child about his/her progress based on Fall and Winter results.

On another note, we have filled our recent 7th and 8th grade math position that was open.  I have the utmost respect for Ms. Gardon and the incredible learning that took place within her classroom.  She will be truly missed and left big shoes to fill.  However, I am thrilled to welcome Mrs. Cindy Edge to Oostburg Middle School.  Mrs. Edge comes to us highly qualified and with eight years of 7th and 8th grade math experience under her belt.  She is certified in math, and has experience and a vast knowledge base in Response to
Intervention (RTI). Mrs. Edge has been with us for a week and a half and the transition with students has been very smooth.  We feel very fortunate to have found such a great hire in the middle of the school year.  Please join me in welcoming her to OMS and the community!

Sherri Stengel
Oostburg Middle School