5th Graders get their First Taste of Middle School

Yesterday, current 5th graders spent the morning at OMS learning about what’s to come for them in the 16-17 school year. OMS welcomed 78 nervous, but smiling, 5th graders into the building. I started out the morning by giving them five tips for success in middle school. Next, they went to three different rotations with 6th grade staff members. Here, they met their future teachers, saw their classrooms, viewed a slide show of what they could look forward to learning and doing in 6th grade, familiarized themselves with a Chromebook that they will call their own next year, and practiced the dreaded combination lock for lockers! Students ended their morning with personal tours from current 6th grade buddies, ate lunch, and experienced a recess at the middle school level.

Many thanks to Ms. Kimble for organizing the morning. It familiarizes students with the building, staff, and expectations as they make the big transition from elementary school to middle school. It eases anxiety and gets them hungry for what’s to come after a long summer off.

Students left OMS yesterday excited with their heads held high. I can’t wait for them to join OMS next school year!


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