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Tech Takeaways from “Screenagers”

Explore the Common Sense MediaParent Concerns” resources for guides, Q&A, and video tips about Screen Time, Technology Addiction, Internet Safety, Social Media, Cell Phones, etc.

Check out the “Resources” tab of Screenagers website ( For example, the Tech Talk Tuesday blog has excellent conversation starters.

Resource highlights:

Screen Time Contracts

    1. Guidelines
    2. Example #1
    3. Example #2

Parenting Apps

  • Monitoring/Blocking
      1. OurPact – Mobile guidance for your family, available for iOS and Android (Free, $1.99 for Premium)
      2. Screen Time – Parental controls for iOS, Android and Kindle devices (Free trial, $3.99/month)
      3. Circle with Disney – Parents can filter content, limit screen time and set a bedtime for every device in the home ($99 for home unit, plus $9.99/month for mobile devices)
      4. Curbi – Parental controls for Android and Apple mobile devices (Free, $3..99/month for Premium)
      5. ParentKit – Control and schedule what is on your child’s iPod, iPad or iPhone (1st month free; $39.99/year subscription)
      6. NetSanity – Parental controls for iOS (free trial, variable pricing)
      7. FamilyTime – Parental controls for iOS and Android ($1.15/month)
      8. Net Nanny – Parental controls for Android and iOS ($9-$12/per device)
      9. Mobile Fence – Parental controls and GPS tracking for Android devices ($48/year subscription)
      10. Verizon Family Base – Monitor wireless activity and set usage limits ($4.99/month)
      11. AT&T Parental Controls – Manage internet and email activity on computers (Free)
      12. T-Mobile Family Allowances – Manage minutes, messages and downloads on phones (Free trial, $9.99/month)
      13. Sprint Mobile Controls – Monitor phone usage (Free trial, $4.99/month per device)
  • Driving – All the big carriers have apps to help you on this too. Ask your carrier for the latest
      1. Cell Control – For Android and iPhone ($129 for standalone unit)
      2. DriveMode – Available on Android (Free)
  • Mindful Apps

    Moment – An iOS app that automatically tracks how much you use your iPhone and iPad each day. If you’re using your phone too much, you can set daily limits.


    1. Think your kid (or you) could be a screen zombie? Take the ‘Screenagers’ test – Los Angeles Times
    2. Learning How to Exert Self-Control – New York Times
    3. Compulsive Texting Associated with Poorer School Performance Among Girls – American Psychological Association
    4. Compulsive Texting Takes Toll on Teenagers – New York Times
    5. Teaching Self-Control Tips –  Provides evidence-based information about parenting and child development.

Pro-Social Video Games

    1. Animal Crossing – Nintendo – Rated E for Everyone ($20)
    2. The Stanley Parable – PC or Mac based game ($15)
    3. Fez – Xbox, PlayStation – Rated E for Everyone ($13)
    4. Journey – PlayStation 3 and 4 – Rated E10+ ($15)
    5. Dear Esther – PC or Mac based ($10)
    6. Gone Home – PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4 ($20)
    7. Portal – PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 – Rated E10+ ($20-30)
    8. Ether One – PC – Rated E10+ ($20 – Basic; $30 – Premium)
    9. Braid – PC or Xbox 360 – Rated E10+ ($20)

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