Solo & Ensemble Volunteers Requested

We Need Your Help! Oostburg High School is hosting this year’s Southern Central Lakeshore Conference Solo and Ensemble Festival on Friday and Saturday, March 16 & 17, 2018, and needs many volunteers! To find out how you can help, please contact Mrs. Siera Williams at OMS, 564-2383, x1153. All positions will be 2 hour shifts, unless you are contacted with different information prior to the event. Below are all position descriptions:

Room Chairperson– Responsible for administering the events in one room. You will also help the performer get the room set, give the judge the judge’s copy, and serve as an aide to the judge’s needs.

Door Monitor– Works in partnership with the room chairperson. Manages spectators and performers exit/entrance. Checks performers into sites and/or manages any events that may need to be moved.

Runner– Picks up envelopes containing completed adjudication forms from adjudicators. Envelopes go to headquarters. Information Center-Helps spectators/students with questions on locations around the school, times of events, or other school related questions.

Concession Worker– Helps serve food in the Middle School Cafeteria. Relief Volunteer-Fills in for Room Chairpersons, Door Monitors, and Runners if they need to leave temporarily. Assist with odd jobs for office workers.

Set-up Crew– Helps set up rooms, move equipment, and hang signs. Start Friday March 16th at 2:30 pm for all events.

Clean-up Crew– Helps clean up rooms, move equipment, and take down signs on Saturday after Solo & Ensemble is finished starting at 4:00pm.

Food for Judges/Directors– Help by donating a dish, bakery, soda, dessert, or other items for the judge’s/director’s meals.

Submit the following information to the MS or HS office, or to Mrs. Williams, as soon as you’re able. Many thanks for your consideration and support!

Name:______________ Phone:________________

Volunteer position(s) requested: 1.________ 2.________3._________

Availability Preference (morning, afternoon, or  either): __________________