Rest, Breakfast, and Headphones Requested!

Hello Parents,

Tomorrow morning (4/10), OMS students will be starting Forward testing as stated in a letter that came home a couple weeks ago. The letter is attached here for your reference if you want to see the specific dates and times that we will be testing.  Students have set goals related to the assessment and have been encouraged to take their time and put forth their best effort. As parents, you can help your child by ensuring they get a good night’s rest, eat a healthy breakfast, and have headphones to use.  We’ve been reminding them about the headphones for a couple of weeks. Please ask your child if they have headphones and if they don’t, help them find a pair to bring to school to use for the listening test on Wednesday 4/11.

The staff at OMS certainly appreciate your support in helping put our students in the best position possible for success on the assessment!


Sherri Stengel