8th Grade Genius Hour

The OMS 8th graders have four “High Interest” classes throughout the year, one of them being Genius Hour taught by Ms. Vandoske. This is a class where the students choose a passion project or something that interests them to explore in depth and make a difference. “It provides students a choice in what they learn during a set period of time during school. They spend several weeks researching the topic before they start creating a product that will be shared with the class/school/world.  Deadlines are limited and creativity is encouraged.  Throughout the process the teacher facilitates the student projects to ensure that they are on task.” (See www.geniushour.com). Here are highlights from our 2nd quarter geniuses!

GeniusAustin: “My project for Genius hour is making a compost pile. I chose it because the dirt that comes from the compost will eventually go into the high school gardens and will help speed up the process of growing food. I have not yet made the compost pile due to the cold weather, but will continue genius hour next quarter.” If you have any ideas to help him with his process, contact him via email.Genius2

Anna: “My project for Genius hour was my Bible project. I made a website to show and explain what two missionaries are doing in the Philippines to spread God’s word. I also made a donate link so the missionaries could get donations.”Genius3

Gregory: “My project was about making vegan chocolate chip cookies just to see people’s reaction compared to non-vegan cookies, and if vegan cookies are a good idea.”Genius4

Lorenzo: “I wanted to create a bug trap out of easy to find household items. This way you can keep bugs out of your house or garage.”

Gracie: “I researched local charities and decided to start a fundraiser for United Way.”

Owen: “I originally wanted to create a website to get better at sports, but it was more work than I thought. So, I opted to focus on basketball and created a “how-to”.”

Abby: “My project was learning and then teaching how to draw a 3D flower. I chose this project because I have always liked to draw and wanted to get better at it.”

Lindsey: “My project was making a prayer group at Oostburg Middle School. I am not done trying to make a prayer group yet because I feel this project could help the school and community.”

Carsen: “The project I chose to do was a video on Apple products tricks you can learn about and use to your advantage.”

Ashlyn: “I made a website where people can donate to Remedy, a church in Sheboygan, to help make a difference.”

Stephany: “My project was creating an app. It was very hard and had a lot of coding and I made several errors I had to fix. Overall I liked making an app and being able to do something I liked to do, even though it was harder than I thought.”

Derek: “My project is the “snack for me” cup. It is a cup that you can put a drink and food in the cup without them touching. I got the idea from Snackeez, but I’m going to make it better.”

Derick: “My Genius hour project was to create an inexpensive laser.”

Please congratulate the students on their effort and vision! They have all learned a tremendous amount through this personalized learning experience.