Welcome back to the 2015 school year.

Good morning, Parents.

Welcome back to the 2014-15 school year.

In trying to predict what sorts of information parents would find helpful, I thought I would start the school year by providing a list of our faculty and the courses they teach. I will also share a brief description of the improvements we have planned in our mid-day intervention block. If at any time you have questions, or topics to suggest for these informational blogs, please feel free to reply or call me at 920-564-2346 x1001.

Oostburg High School Faculty:
Amy Antes Health and Physical Education
Robert Boenisch Tech. Ed. (Construction, Science and Technology, Woods, Composites and Polymers.)
Josh Cole HS Guidance Counselor
Jess Dekker HS Guidance
Nan Gabrielse HS Librarian & on-line classes.
Tom Guy Civics and US History
Rachel Harder Art (Art 2D, Art 3D, Art Studio and Art Culture)
Terry Hendrikse CAPP Physics, Medical Terminology
Molly Hengst Spanish 2, 3, 4 and 5
Jenna Howell Vocal Music (Concert Choir, Voice, Vocal Jazz)
Lisa Immel Business Ed. (Business 101, Adobe Photoshop, Personal Finance, and Yearbook)
Craig Keller World History, Social Problems, Psychology
Tricia Lutze English 10 and the Speech semester of English 12.
Rebekah Mueller Instrumental Music (Band and Jazz Band)
Rachel Navis Special Education
Jill Nyenhuis English 9, the CCR semester of English 12, and Strategic Reading
Ryan Ohlfs Nutrition, Strength and Fitness, and Physical Ed.
Matt Poppe Tech. Ed. (Drafting, Robotics, Metals, Adv. Metals, Design and Engineering.
Kelsey Prinsen Special Education
Gwen Pribek Algebra 2, CAPP Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus
Lindsay Pribek Spanish 1
Lyza Reichelt Algebra 1
Ted Schanen Biology, Adv. Bio, and Anatomy and Physiology
Tamala Szyman American Literature, Novels and Advanced Composition
Colette Veldhorst Chemistry and Micro Biology
Jordan Williams Geometry, Functions/Trig/Stats, and the combination Algebra/Geometry class.

The minor changes we have planned for our intervention blocks are to focus primarily on the core subjects—English, Math and Science—and to schedule the intervention support for students in two week blocks rather than day by day. We feel a two week session will be much more productive in supporting student learning because teachers will plan mini lessons to break down difficult areas/concepts to a greater degree, and they will prepare extra practice for students that they can support within the small intervention group. The two week intervention schedule will allow for more detailed re-teaching and sustained support for students. Each two weeks our core teachers will re-group their list of students who are assigned to intervention based on the students current need for support in the learning process. This minor change is focused on providing a more substantive form of support to our students who need extra time and teacher assistance to be successful in class.

Again, welcome back to OHS, and please feel free to contact us any time you have a question or concern.

Thanks, Scott Greupink