Weekly OHS Parent Message

I would like to experiment with a weekly email message to
high school parents with the primary focus of sharing information.
  This is a very exciting time in education, and our faculty is
working hard to teach the new standards and better prepare our students for
success in their futures—regardless of their career paths following high
school.  We hope these weekly emails will help us provide parents a better
understanding of what we are working to accomplish as a school, so we can
partner with parents to an increasing degree. 
One area that is getting considerable attention in terms of
high school course offerings currently is dual-credit classes.  These
courses are taught by our teachers but allow students to earn both high school
and college credit at the same time.  Typically, students earn one high
school credit towards graduation, and three credits from the cooperating
college.  We have several types of dual credit classes at OHS including
CAPP classes which are offered in conjunction with Lakeland College.  The
CAPP classes are offered in Biology, Chemistry, Pre-Calculus, and next year in
Physics as well.  Students in CAPP classes can choose to enroll in the college
portion of the class for $300 and when they complete the class they earn a
college transcript for the three credit Lakeland College course. 
Obviously, this is a remarkable bargain for three college credits and that is
primarily possible because the course are taught by our faculty.  These
credits transfer well to a wide range of colleges and universities. 
Beginning next year, we will also be offering two additional
classes for dual-credit through Lakeshore Technical College.  These course
are focused in the health care area and are Medical Terminology and Anatomy and
Physiology.    Both will be one credit classes for OHS credit
and three credits with LTC.  These credits will be at no cost to the
students, but will involve some cost for materials, such as about $75 for the
Med. Term. workbooks.
We think these dual credit classes will continue to be very
attractive to college bound students since they will be able to earn 15-20
college credits while in high school.   And comparatively, at a very
inexpensive price. 
If you have any questions related to this information or any
questions in general, please give me a call at 564-2346 x 1001.  If you
have a topic you would like these weekly messages to address, please share that
request as well.
Scott Greupink