We are off to a good start at OHS.

Good morning, Parents.

The first day of school is off to a very good start and all of our students seem to be settling into their class schedules smoothly.  This reality is in no small part due to the efforts of many parents to make sure students made schedule adjustments last week prior to the start of school and it was also great to see so many students at school for Open House and at other times during the week to “move in” to their lockers and get organized for school.  We are grateful for the support parents have provided to make these thing happen and to contribute to a smooth start to the school year.
In the last message or two I have introduced you to our new faculty members.  (Mr. Rentmeester–AP Calc, Pre-Calc and Alg 2; Mr. Telschow–Geometry and Stats; Mrs. Hansen–Civics and World History; and Mr. Carreno–AP US History, US History and Psychology.)  I should also share that our two sections of Exploring Computer Science will be taught by Mr. Boenisch.
Once again we plan to make some minor improvements in our intervention structure. This year we will have homerooms on Mondays, and interventions to provide extra time and support in the learning process on Tuesdays–Fridays.  With homerooms on Monday and a weekly intervention cycle, we think communication will improve and the structure will be more flexible and effective.  The intervention schedule will begin next week.
Finally, as the school year progresses, please do no hesitate to contact me or Mr. Cole in you have any questions, needs or concerns.  We will do everything we can to support your students so they can be successful and have a very positive experience at OHS.
Have a great week,