Updates on weighted grades and the civics test.

Good morning, Parents.

I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday.  The Thanksgiving season certainly provides a reminder to reflect on the things we are thankful for in our lives, and I believe I can say on behalf of the faculty and staff at the high school that we are collectively very thankful to be educators in this community and in this school district.  Our students are responsive, our families are supportive, our colleagues are great teammates, and our challenges are small by comparison.  OHS is a unique and wonderful place, and we are thankful to be able to work here in Oostburg.
I also want to provide you a couple updates on things that are new this year to keep everyone informed.  As many of you may remember, we have implemented weighted grading system beginning with our current sophomore class.  Parents may have noticed on the first quarter report cards that dual credit (both high school and college credit courses) and college prep courses are now weighted on a five point scale rather than the normal four point scale.  We do have some sophomores taking weighted classes, so we felt a reminder about this change would be wise.  I should also remind the parents of junior and seniors that we did not include them in the implementation of weighted grades because it would not be fair to changed the rules of the game midstream in terms of how GPA’s are calculated.  Starting with the sophomores allows everyone in that class to begin selecting classes with a full understanding of the new system.  
The classes that are currently weighted at OHS are:  AP Biology, AP US History, AP Calculus AB and BC, Pre-Calculus, CAPP Physics, CAPP Advanced Composition, Medical Terminology, Novels, PLTW Introduction to Engineering and Design, and PLTW Principles of Engineering.  
The second update is regarding the new State graduation requirement to pass the Civics test.  Since this State law requires implementation of this graduation requirement next year, we have given the 100 question immigration test to our juniors, sophomores and freshmen.  In the future, we will make this test part of our freshmen Civics class, but initially we felt it was best to address this requirement immediately with all of the students impacted.  The vast majority of our students have passed the test, and the small group  that did not pass the first time is preparing to re-take the test this week.  I would encourage parents to ask their children if they passed the Civics test, and encourage your child to study and re-take the test immediately if they did not pass.  We are in the process of adding an indicator on our transcripts/report cards that documents when a student has met this graduation requirement. 
Have a great week,