Three things I appreciate about our teachers.

Good morning, Parents.

This week is National Teacher Appreciation week and I thought parents may be interested in a couple of the most significant things I appreciate about our teachers since I work with them every day. There are certainly countless things to appreciate about individual teachers on our staff, but I would like to focus on three things where I think our staff as a whole excels in some really important areas.

1. I see a lot of evidence that our teachers genuinely care about their students, and enjoy being around them. It is really enjoyable for me to be in classrooms and see teachers who are just thoroughly enjoying their work, and their time with students. Being in those classroom environments is really energizing for me, and I know it has the same effect on students because I can see it in their reactions as well. Another rather significant indicator of our teacher’s interest in students is that about 85-90% of our teachers are involved with students beyond the their classroom walls, and many are involved in with students in multiple activities and invest substantial time and energy in the process. I really appreciate that our teachers genuinely enjoy students and it is demonstrated in such clear ways with their actions.

2. I also really value that a very large percentage of our teachers are learners, and in this way provide an excellent example for students. The primary motivation behind our teacher’s learning is that they are driven to be as effective as possible in producing results in student learning. Being an adult learner takes humility and drive, and our staff has demonstrated these qualities in large supply. We also believe that growth mindset is one of the most important foundations to motivation and learning. Growth mindset is the idea that our abilities are not fixed or static, but our success is largely driven by the growth we produce through hard work. Seeing teachers learning themselves, and demonstrating the belief that they can grow and improve with hard work and practice is really something we appreciate in our faculty.

3. And finally, I really appreciate how hard so many of our teachers work, and how committed they are to our students and our school. I think a strong work-ethic is a central part of this community, and I am thankful that our staff really reflects that aspect of our community. I am certain that if parents could see firsthand how hard our staff works you would share my appreciation of this quality in our teachers.

In closing, I would also like to remind parents to ask your children to bring home their planners with their progress reports this weekend so that you can review and sign them. The progress reports will be given out in classes on Thursday and Friday.

And Happy Mother’s Day to all of the OHS moms!