The value of education.

Good morning, Parents.

I have heard a lot of positive comments from parents about the meetings that Mr. Cole has had with juniors and their parents which are focused on each student’s future plans and preparing for their career choices.  We believe these meetings are very important and we hope it is one step of many that help students see that  high school is a critical step in the preparation process for their futures.  We want all of our students to understand that OHS is not just a place where they are stuck for 4 years, it is a place where they can build skills that will play a huge role in their success for the rest of their lives.  Obviously, if students see high school as a critical time of preparation toward their personal goals, they will be far more motivated to learn and grow in their time with us.
It is also important that students understand it is not just about earning a diploma.  The value of high school is found in developing the skills students will need to support their success in the future.  For example, I came across a fact recently that said. “In the United States, we know that the median hourly wage of workers who can make complex inferences and evaluate subtle truths in written texts is 60% higher than those who cannot.”  Students need to understand that their success in the future will be based on what they can and cannot do much more than simply if they have a diploma.  
With this in mind, I would encourage parents to speak frequently with your children about the value of education.  For generations, parents in this country have sacrificed so their children could get an education and make a better life.  Families have taught their children that education is the foundation of the American Dream.  I have even heard education  referred to  as “portable wealth.” Anything we can do as parents to help our children view school as meaningful preparation for their future can pay considerable dividends in their approach to learning.  
On a different topic entirely, we would also like to thank everyone who participated in the Oostburg Community Education Foundation (OCEF) fundraiser with Chili’s.  OCEF just received a check for $591 because so many people mentioned the OCEF fundraiser when they had a meal at Chili’s.  Thank you for your support of OCEF as they support our classrooms.  
Have a great week.