The Value of Co-Curricular Activities.

Good morning, Parents.

As three very successful seasons are ending in Forensics, the Robotics team, and Destination Imagination, I would just like to encourage parents to take as active a role as possible in promoting these sorts of academic clubs with your children.  Many of these co-curricular types of clubs can help your high school children become more well rounded, provide some quality real-world types of experiences (some of which may expose them to career connections or at least career related skills), and help them develop confidence in a variety of settings.  We have noticed that many times the difference between those students who get involved in co-curricular clubs and those that do not simply comes down to the slightest of personal encouragement from either teachers or parents.

While we are a small school and our list of clubs reflects that reality.  There are still a fairly wide range of opportunities including:  Student Council, Destination Imagination, Key Club (Service), Archery Club, Forensics, Drama, Robotics team, Music opportunities such as Solo/Ensemble, Tech. Ed. clubs such as Project Grill or other competitive teams.  We also have a small group of students interested in Business that run our school store, another small group of students who are on Mr. Allen’s technology crew. 

I think many of us value athletics as part of a well-rounded educational experience because we believe there are things that can be learned on the court, or on the field, that may not be easy to replicate in the classroom. Recently, we began to look more closely at student growth and achievement on our school goals (College and Career Readiness Measures such as the ACT) and at least initially we have noticed that students involved in athletics show growth, students in co-curricular activities show even more growth, and students involved in both athletics and co-curricular activities show the most growth.  This initial look at some data regarding the value of extracurricular programming may also provide parents some important guidance in terms of encouraging your students in how to participate in activities so they can benefit in the most well rounded manner.
Parents, please consider encouraging your child to join a co-curricular club.  These experiences can play a very vital role in their education both directly in terms of helping them develop valuable skills and attitudes, and indirectly by causing them to be more connected and engaged in school in general.
Have a great week,