The State ACT test date is Tuesday, March 9th.

Good afternoon, Parents.

About a month from now–March 9th, is the State ACT test day. We will be administering the State ACT test to our juniors, and at the same time in other parts of the building we will be giving a full ACT test to our freshmen and sophomores as well. Because these are paper and pencil tests that need to be proctored according to very strict rules, and stringent test security is required, we must have all of our students on-site to take these tests. If your child needs special accommodations to take the test on-site, please call me so we can plan together.

The ACT test results are very important to us because it is a major way we track the growth of every one of our students. In an attempt to make sure our students are as motivated as possible, we provide the incentive of opting out of end of year exams, if they score at either the benchmark score or reach a goal score that is set with their teacher in that subject area–usually the goal is set for around 2 points of growth each year. Students are able to opt out of the end of the year exams in each area where their scores meet one of those two criteria.

The day will start as normal for all of our students at 7:25. Each grade will be reporting to their respective testing area and the testing will begin shortly. The test includes sections on English, Math, Reading, Science and Writing. There are breaks twice during the test where snacks are provided. Students should bring several pencils and a graphing calculator if possible. (The school can also provide calculators as necessary, but if students do have them, please bring them.) The ACT test will take until about 12:00. After the test, the juniors will be released for the rest of the day. The freshmen and sophomores will be released to lunch, and then in the afternoon they will have shortened classes.

The seniors will report to school in two waves and they will be guided in their ongoing work with their career planning and transition process. Seniors with last names beginning with A-M will start at 7:25 and get done earlier, while students with last names beginning with N-Z will begin their day at 9:00. The seniors will be provided a list of audit items by Mr. Cole, and when they have the items prepared, they will present to Mr. Cole, Mr. Bruggink or Mr. Greupink to demonstrate they have completed the most critical of the tasks related to transitioning to their plans for next year. The list of potential audit items will be specifically designed for students going to college/technical school/the workforce/military to ensure they are completing important tasks as they leave OHS. After each senior has presented, they will be released from school for the rest of the day. I would guess most seniors will be released from school by about 11:00 or 12:00, with some as early as 9:00 from the first wave of seniors as they are finished.

If you have any questions about this unusual but important day at school, please feel free to call me at (920) 564-2346 x4001.