The Scheduling Process Has Begun.

Good morning, Parents.

Last week Mr. Cole and I met with each class to begin the registration process for next year.  In each meeting, we discussed the steps of the scheduling process, provided specific advice to each grade level, and answered questions.  We also reminded students of the strong connection between their future career plans and their decisions and choices about classes. We are very pleased with how students are demonstrating a real understanding that each year of high school is part of their preparation for the future.  When students turn in their forms, and Mr. Cole and I review them quickly through this career focused lens, we are finding that students are consistently taking the classes that specifically prepare them for their future plans.  We have concluded that parents are also supporting this message, and we are grateful students are hearing a consistent message.  The students have until Friday, March 24th (the day before Spring Break) to finish the course selection process.  After Spring Break, Mrs. Dekker, Mr. Cole and I, will begin building our master schedule and completing each individual schedule.  We follow this timeline because our goal is always to get next year’s schedules in the students hands before the end of this school year.  This allows problems to be corrected this spring or summer, so that the next school year can begin smoothly.  Thank you to parents for your involvement and assistance in the scheduling process.  Your support has clearly helped us get students in the classes they need the most to be as prepared as possible for their futures.  
Also, on behalf of OCEF (The Oostburg Community Education Foundation), we would like you to know that if you go to Chili’s restaurant and let them know you support OCEF, they will donate 15% of your purchase to OCEF to support education in our community.  This fundraiser will run for the months of March, April and May.  All you really need to do is tell your server that you would like to support OCEF when he/she brings the bill.  
Have a great week, as we patiently wait for spring.