Team efforts around the CCSS’s.

Some months ago, our pastor was focused on how critical teamwork is in organizations. It was a message that really resonated with me because our schools are becoming much more team orientated as we work together to teach the Common Core State Standards. Prior to embracing these standards, many of us—especially at the HS level—taught rather independently without much connection with what other teachers were teaching. Our pastor shared that while he didn’t know how the Packer game would turn out that day, what he was absolutely sure about was that if the Packers just sent Aaron Rogers out on the field alone, they would lose. Although Rogers may be the best player in the league, and even if he was supported by outstanding coaching and play calling, without the support of his team he would certainly fail. Football is a team sport and it cannot be played successfully alone. 

What we have learned in the last year is that education is a team sport as well. If we are to succeed in the challenging goal of preparing students to be “college and career ready” we need each other as much as Rogers needs his teammates to be successful. We simply need our teammates to do their jobs, so we can succeed at ours. 

Maybe a better analogy for our circumstances would be that if the Packers did not have highly choreographed plays—and instead just independently did what they felt was necessarily each play in an uncoordinated manner—they would also fail. In my view, that is pretty much what we did before we had quality, rigorous standards to teach to as a team. Now, with a commitment to the common core standards, we are truly in a position to work as a team and produce far superior results in learning. And it has been impressive to see how our faculty has so unselfishly committed to the new team environment and have worked very hard in a coordinated manner.
I believe we understand that we can only be successful as a team. We are highly interdependent. We need others to produce results with students, so we can build on that progress in learning when the students come to us. And we have to do the same for subsequent teachers. It is said that until we have a common purpose we are only a group, but with a common purpose such as the Common Core State Standards, we are becoming a team. I hope this gives parents a little bit of an idea how quality standards are literally transforming our schools. 

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