Student schedules for next year

Good afternoon, Parents.

We are in the final stages of the scheduling process for next year, and it is our plan to distribute individual student schedules for next year on Monday, June 8th. The timing of handing out schedules to students is pretty intentional because it provides two opportunities for students to make course changes that may be necessary prior to the classes beginning next fall. We would appreciate parents asking their children to show them their schedules because parent involvement in course changes is critical. If students want to make a change, we will use our Add/Drop form which insures communication with all of the teachers involved, and parent approval as well. We would ask parents to continue to approach the course registration process—and in this case any course changes—from the perspective of making decisions based on what the best courses are to optimally prepare students for their futures. It is our perception that parents have played a bigger role in registration decisions than ever before, and the result has been that courses have been selected in a more mature and sound manner. We saw far less of students taking classes because they want an easy year, and far more focus on courses that will support their future plans—including dual credit (high school and tech. school/college credit) courses that save students both time and money in their post high school training programs.

Obviously, the first opportunity, and the best opportunity, to make schedule changes is next week—June 8-12. It is easy for students to see Mr. Cole, or me, to discuss the reasons behind the change request. Students can expect to be counseled, and pushed, to make decisions that are driven by sound reasoning around preparing for their futures. We are quite cooperative in making changes when sound preparation arguments are made, and far less cooperative when students don’t have good reasons because down deep they just want to be in the same section of a class as their friend. We also try to push back when students appear to be making short term decisions like having an easier schedule, rather than a schedule that will best prepare them for the next phase of their lives. And in taking these preparation focused positions regarding all schedule changes, it is really be helpful for parents and the school to share the same mature position.

The second opportunity to make schedule changes is before the school year begins in August. If for some reason a change becomes necessary after next week, students can come in to see Mr. Cole on the in-service days from August 24-27, including during our Open House on August 26th. This week is pretty much the last chance to make course changes because doing so after classes begin is just too late.

If you have any questions about student schedules next week, please feel free to call Mr. Cole or me at any time at 564-2346 x1007 (Josh), x1001 (Scott).



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