Student Recognition at Sporting Events.

Some time ago, I had a parent call me and suggest that we consider recognizing the outstanding academic achievements of our students at some of our bigger sporting events. He shared that he felt it would be a great environment to recognize students, and at the same time it would provide a good reminder to everyone about the successes that are most important. Ever since that phone call, we have been thinking about how we could begin applying this advice, and we were keeping an eye out from the beginning of the school year for outstanding achievements by our students that would be worthy of celebration. We made our first attempt at recognizing a student at a home football game a few weeks ago and we were very pleased with the results. We certainly hope the student, Joey Kretz, felt very honored by our first attempt at this sort of recognition. I have copied the script that was read by the PA announcer below to provide everyone the specifics on his achievement. It is our plan to continue to recognize the achievements of our students in this manner as the seasons progress.   

We would like to draw your attention to the 50 yard line to honor one of our very own students here at Oostburg High School. Last October, many of our juniors took a standardized assessment called the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test, otherwise known as the PSAT. Nearly 1.5 million students in over 22,000 high schools in the United States and its territories and countries around the world that enroll US citizens took this test and less than 1% are recognized as scoring high enough to be considered a National Merit Semifinalist. Joey Kretz was one of only 300 students in the state of Wisconsin to be honored with this award. When taking into consideration students just in Wisconsin, Joey scored in the top 99.5%. Truly outstanding! Joey has completed an additional application to be a National Merit Finalist. So please join me in congratulating Joey on a wonderful accomplish and a truly outstanding achievement. Congratulations!