Structure and support for struggling students.

Dear Parents,

Following the second quarter progress reports, I thought I would share a few suggestions about what parents can do if their children are not performing as well as they believe they should be in any class.

The first priority would be to understand why your child is under-performing. You may be able to gather more detailed and complete information from Infinite Campus by reviewing your child’s grading information. Many times when students are under-performing, it is because their practice and preparation are inconsistent or not done at a high quality level. When day to day preparation is lacking, the test results virtually always reflect that issue. If this is the case, you can work with the teacher to address the problem. After checking Infinite Campus, we would always encourage parents to contact the teacher to discuss the situation and plan collaborative actions to address the problem.

Many times the solutions for students who are not doing as well are additional structure and extra help/support. I know teachers really appreciate the additional structure parents demand of students when a student is not consistent in doing quality homework and classroom activities. When parents set clear expectations for their students and follow through on them, it always makes a tremendous difference in addressing the success of their students. One very effective way to do this with the teacher is to expect your child to see the teacher a few times per week after school to get extra help and to make sure homework and classroom activities are completed at a high level. Often it is hard for us a parents to really support our students learning because we don’t understand it ourselves. However, expecting our children to see teachers in a structured way is a great way for parents and teachers to work together to effectively address the problem. If you have any questions, please contact me or your child’s teachers any time.

Have a great week,