State ACT testing this week.

Good morning, Parents.  

This week Wednesday, February 20th, our juniors will be taking the State ACT test in the morning.  Our other students will have school as normal on Wednesday, and after taking the ACT the juniors will have the afternoon off from school.  We are guessing they will be pretty mentally drained since the ACT is a very demanding test that will require them to show some grit and push through some mental fatigue if they are to do their best.  We expect the juniors to be done testing about 12:15 on Wednesday, so if your junior tells you they have off school on Wednesday afternoon, you can rest assured they are telling you the truth. 

On Thursday this week, the juniors will be taking the State WorkKeys test, our freshmen and sophomores will be taking an ACT practice test, and the seniors will be completing an Academic Career Plan–Transition script.  This script will guide the seniors in critical preparation steps as they transition from high school to the next phase of their lives.  When the seniors have completed their script, they will present to one of our assigned staff members much like our other students do with student-led conferences, but in this case the conferences do not involve you as parents for logistic reasons.  (Most of you are busy at work.)  On Thursday, our juniors will be released after the WorkKeys test at about 11:15, so they will again have the afternoon off.  Our seniors will be released after they have completed their student-led conference with a staff member somewhere around 10:30-11:00.  The freshmen and sophomores will have lunch after the ACT test and then they will have their two afternoon classes as normal.  

I attached the detailed schedule for Wednesday and Thursday in the email version of this message so you have all of the information as parents.  The attachment also includes our end of the year exam opt out requirements which may be of interest for parents.  We offer these opt out incentives to encourage students to really push themselves on the ACT, and we have found over the years that students really view exam opt outs at the end of the year as a very attractive incentive.  

Have a great week,Scott