So far, so good.

Good morning, Parents.

I am pleased to inform you that our first couple of weeks of school have gone pretty well from a virus safety perspective.  A very big part of the reason that is true is because our students, your children, have been really cooperative.  I also think our success at implementing the safety procedures is also due to the efforts of our teachers to be consistent with our expectations.  

Starting next Tuesday, Sept. 15, we would like to begin using our hallway lockers in a very limited manner as an intermediate step toward more locker use as the weather gets colder.  The challenge we have to overcome in beginning to use lockers is to avoid students congregating in the hallways before school starts or for that matter during school.  Currently, students arrive at school carrying their materials in a backpack, and they report directly to their first class.  There is no congregating of students before school whatsoever without the use of lockers.  It is our hope we can begin using the lockers on a minimal level, but maintain the ability to refrain from gathering in groups that are not distanced properly.  Our first step to begin using lockers will allow students to use their lockers from about 7:10-7:20 before school, and then the only other time during the day they will have access to their lockers will be during lunch/homeroom when students can request to be released from homeroom one at a time to go to their locker.  Lockers will not be available during passing periods between classes, so students will continue to use their backpacks, although maybe with a lighter load.  Students who bring cold lunch will be released to get their lunch from their lockers when their homeroom is released for hot lunch.   

Parents of virtual students, it would be helpful if you would remind your student that even though they are in our classrooms virtually, they are still in our classrooms, so normal classroom expectations apply.  For example, we don’t allow students to bring their family dog to class, so virtual students should not have their dogs on screen either because it is distracting.  Students in our classrooms cannot lay down and relax, they must sit and be attentive.  Likewise, virtual students must sit attentively in our classrooms too.  I won’t try to provide every possible situation but the bottom line is virtual students are in our classrooms and must behave in the same manner that we expect of our in person students.  

Our first two weeks have gone well.  Thanks for all you have done to increase the chances that our school can stay healthy and open for weeks and months to come.