Snowball plans.

Good morning, Parents.

We would like parents to know that the school day yesterday went as well as could be expected given the circumstances.  Experts advise schools in crisis and tragic situations to provide a sensitive and supportive environment but at the same time to provide routine.  Students need routine in these sorts of situations.  So our focus has been to have our guidance staff prepare to provide support as necessary and have our teaching staff focused on being sensitive but productive.  The focus on being productive seems to have a calming effect, and the whole student body responded very nicely.  Of course, our guidance department will continue to make support of students a priority as the week progresses.

snowflakeWe would also like parents to know that we have given a considerable amount of thought and discussion to making a decision about the Snowball Dance on Saturday night.  We explored the options to re-schedule Snowball, but finding another date was virtually impossible.  There are always conflicts with other events as well as challenges with the necessary changes.  Since we have concluded that re-scheduling Snowball is not practical, we plan to proceed as scheduled with the complete understanding that many of our students will have other genuine priorities on Saturday.  We want to allow families to decide how to approach the day on Saturday, and we fully understand that participation at the dance may be reduced.