Senior Pranks.

As spring is arriving, I would like to reach out to parents—especially the parents of seniors—to proactively address the issue of senior pranks. For many years, the idea of senior pranks had disappeared and these sorts of “traditions” simply did not exist. In the last couple of years, they returned, and as is often the case, the scope of the pranks tends to escalate each year as students try to outdo the previous year. Our experience has taught us that many times the goal of the students is to do something funny and memorable, and their intent is not malicious. However, because of their age and perspective, these pranks can easily create unsafe situations, damage to the school, and unfortunate consequences.

We want the final months of school for our seniors to be very positive and memorable. For that reason, we have supported a number of celebrations for the seniors as they conclude their years as high school students. We have the senior banquet, the senior fry, and the commencement celebration. Each event is unique, and brings the seniors together to celebrate their graduation. The senior class advisors and the school support these activities and it is our hope that students have a really nice time. We also hope that the students respond in a similar manner and treat the senior class advisors with respect and decency at these school events. From our perspective, senior pranks seem contrary to the way we are trying to treat our seniors, and to us, these pranks can easily feel like the pranksters are engaging in a deliberate act of disrespect towards us. We have really valued and appreciated this senior class in the four years they have spent at our school, and we would like to celebrate their successes and complete our relationships with them in a completely positive manner.

We would appreciate it parents would discuss the issue of pranks with your students and also encourage all students—especially seniors—to finish the school year and their time at OHS in an enjoyable and positive manner.

Thanks, Scott