Semester Exams begin Friday.

Good morning, Parents. 

I hope everyone had a great holiday season and a refreshing break.  As your children return to school, we are in full gear up mode working toward the end of the semester and semester exams.  I sent out information and the exam schedule/process a few weeks ago, but today I thought I would try to share some other pertinent information with parents this morning.  

We feel the exam review process, and the exams themselves, have real value in the learning process for each class.  Since the exams focus on the most important standards learned and practiced from the beginning of the year, this cumulative review and exam process allows students to refresh these skills and also provides another opportunity for them to show what they can do in terms of demonstrating their understanding of each standard.  In most classes, your children are currently being guided by their teachers through a review process of the critical standards of the semester.  Where parents can help most in this process is to nudge your students to spend time each night investing in some extra review and practice, because unlike a normal test or assessment, exams cover a much wider range of topics.  Investing extra time studying prior to exams is critical to performing their best.  

If you have any questions about the exam process, please feel free to call me at (920) 564-2346 x4001. (The schedule and information were once again attached to the email version of this message.)  If you have questions about specific exams, please call or email the teacher directly. Good luck to all of our students on their exams as they finish the first semester.  We hope each student will work hard, invest in extra studying and preparation, and do very well.